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Ring Teal

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Ring Teals

This South American duck has become very popular in waterfowl collections  in the last few years. It is one of the smallest ducks rivaling our native greenwing teal. They particular enjoy warm weather climates, but adapt fairly well to cooler climates. The ring teal is also one of the most peaceful ducks and breeds extremely well if the females are able to fly. They use the same type of nest boxes as do the wood duck and mandarins. They are also one of the few exotic ducks that will breed in trios ar well as pairs. They have a very long breeding season which starts in March and goes on through September. The young are fairly easy to raise. Another nice attribute of the ring teal is that it stays in full plummage all year round. (Unlike most ducks that loose their colors in the summer.) I highly recommend this breed for new and old hobbyists. You will find it a wonderful addition to your collection and it does not require any permitting.

Price: $70/pair

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